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Austin Bats Wins Big vs Texas Nighthawks
Jan. 26, 2019


The Austin Bats defeat the Nighthawks in their second matchup this season. The Bats are back on a win streak and dominating teams in their division scoring an average of 160 points per game over the last 5 games. Teams are struggling to keep up and the Bats tend to pull away in the second half.


Rick Artis recorded his first career triple double (30pts, 12reb, 10ast, 4blk, 2stl) he was outstanding on both sides of the floor. Demetrius Smith has a double double (30pts, 13reb, 5ast, 2stl). Jamie Johnson finished with 28pts scoring 13 in the second converting a 3D three point play giving Bats their first momentum run. Brandon Wakefield finished with 23 points scoring 17pts in the 3rd quarter converting a 3D play leading the way to a blowout. Note, besides these breakout performances the big man Terence Cato had 23pts and had his season high 17 rebounds. The Bats are moving the ball better offensively and are communicating better on defensive end seeming to dial in their press sets. The Bats host Tri-City Allstars next weekend Feb 2nd 6:00Pm Givens Recreation Center.

R. Artis 30pts 12reb 10ast 4blk 2stl 
D. Smith 30pts 13reb 5ast 2stl
T. Cato 23pts 17reb 4ast 2blks
J. Johnson 28pts 3reb 2ast 1stl
B. Wakefield 23pts 5ast 4reb 1stl 
M. Knight 15pts 7reb 1blk
T. Lampley 8pts 8ast 5reb 3stl


Austin Bats move to 3-0 for the season
Dec. 1, 2018

Austin Bats (3-0) 155
Kyle Stallions (1-2) 138

Austin Bats defeat Southwest Division rivalry Kyle Stallions in their first meeting of the season. The bats are now 7-0 against the Stallions over the last three seasons. The bats hit their season high (20) threes with three of those being 4 point plays. Pat Perkins (30pts) and Terence Cato (26pts) lead the way in scoring. Demetrius Smith had a dominant performance scoring 24pts off the bench with 5 steals and 5 rebounds. Brandon Wakefield hit (3) consecutive threes off the bench in the first half and Brandon Thompson hitting (5) threes in second half helping bats extend the lead keeping the Stallions out of reach. Bats acquired new player Michael Knight (PF) who made his debut (12pts, 7reb, 3blk) with two highlight “monster” dunks.

Pat Perkins 30pts, 4reb, 2ast, 2stl
Terence Cato 26pts, 13reb, 5ast, 1blk 
Demetrius Smith 24pts, 5reb, 2ast, 5stl
Brandon Thompson 22pts, 2reb, 1ast
Brandon Wakefield 14pts, 2reb, 1ast
Michael Knight 12pts, 7reb, 3blk
Jamie Johnson 9pts, 8reb, 2ast
Travis Lampley 7pts, 8reb, 3ast
Ricardo Artis 6pts, 6reb, 3stl
Malcom Ballard 5pts, 3reb, 5ast

Austin Bats play away against Tri-City next week Saturday Dec 8th at 4:00pm in San Antonio.



DECEMBER 22, 2018


The (#2)Austin Bats won their first game (home opener) of the season against the Tri-City All Stars. The Bats up tempo pace seems to not have missed a beat since last season qualifying in the Elite Eight Tournament contending in the National Championship falling short to the Jacksonville Giants. The Bats have acquired four new players to the roster where offensively the chemistry will still need to come together but the core players were able to lead. Now the swarming defense looked like a mirror image to last season where in this game lead to many easy scores in transition. Demetrius Smith(27pts, 6reb, 2stl) and Terrance Cato (21pts 4reb) lead the team in scoring. Firepower off the bench with Rob Waters and Brandon Wakefield we’re key off the bench hitting momentum threes that lead to big runs throughout the game.


Demetrius Smith 27pts 6reb 2stl
Terence Cato 21pts 4reb
Jamie Johnson 19pts 3reb 
Brandon Wakefield 15pts 3reb 1ast
Rob Waters 13pts 4reb 1ast
Travis Lampley 11pts 3reb 3ast 3stl
Pat Perkins 8pts 4reb 3ast 1stl
Malcom Ballard 6pts 11reb 2ast
Derek Bunton 2pts 6reb 1ast 1stl

Next game: Bats host the Houston Red Storms at home Sunday Nov 18th.


We appreciate all the support from our sponsors, staff and fans for making this first game a success!!

Austin Bats WINS 1st game of 2018-2019 Season
Nov. 10, 2018



5 PM Door Opens -- 6 pm Tip-off
Austin Bats Continued their winning Ways
Nov. 18, 2018


The Austin Bats win their second game at home against the Houston Red Storm lead by Pat Perkins (28pts, 6ast, 5reb, 1stl). Six Bats players scored over double digits. The Bats defense was the difference in this game forcing several turnovers and picking up 13 steals as a team. The Bats kept a 20 lead most of the game until the Red Storm went on a run at the beginning of the 4th quarter cutting the lead just within 10. The Bats were able to get key stops and convert while managing the clock to finish the game.

Jamie Johnson 19pts 4reb 4stl 1ast 
Demetrius Smith 19pts 3reb 2ast 2stl
Terence Cato 17pts 9reb 2ast 2blk
Ricardo Artis 14pts 4reb
Jonathan Maxwell 10pts 2reb 1ast 1stl
Travis Lampley 9pts 5reb 4ast 2stl 
Brandon Wakefield 9pts 1ast 
Malcom Ballard 6pts 3reb 2ast
Derrick Bunton 4pts 1reb 1ast 1stl
Brandon Thompson 3pts 2ast 1stl

Next game: December 1st against the Kyle Stallions

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